Adjustment of plastic windows

Metal-plastic frames: problems and solutions

Window structures made of plastic today are the most popular. The reason is not only that they have a high degree of noise and heat insulation, but also in their excellent performance characteristics.

In fact, the frame does not need to be repaired or insulated frequently. It requires minimal care, which greatly facilitates the lives of craftsmen. However, there are situations when it is necessary adjustment of window fittings.

It must be performed in cases where it is observed:

  1. Blowing – insulation begins to let in cold air and this gives a feeling of a little draft.
  2. Sagging of the lower part of the sash due to which the frame is damaged. To eliminate this problem, you need to adjust the flaps along the horizontal and vertical lines of elevation.
  3. The sash touches the frame when opened. The cause of this defect is the horizontal or vertical displacement of the sash.
  4. The difficulty in the operation of the handle – it does not turn or does not turn poorly. The reason for the occurrence of such a breakdown is the lowering of the valves or the lack of a sufficient amount of lubricant.

Plastic sash adjustment can be carried out independently or by a master. In the case when it is not possible to identify the cause of the failure yourself, it is better to call a specialist who will not only eliminate the source, but also give tips on how to avoid the appearance of a defect in the future.


Tool List

To adjustment of plastic windows in Kiev was successful, you need not only to possess all the necessary skills, but also to choose the right tools.

So, for work you will need:

  • hexagons;
  • phillips and star-shaped screwdrivers marked “T” or “TX”;
  • pliers;
  • machine oil;
  • phillips screwdriver 3 or 4 sizes;
  • aerosol WD-40.

Adjustment of hinges of plastic windows most often performed using a regular hexagon. To work with fittings, models of screwdrivers with star nozzles are more suitable.


Features of the adjustment work

There are general recommendations on how to be implemented adjustment of fittings of plastic windows. However, it is worth remembering that each design model has its own characteristics, so you need to be very careful so as not to damage the frame and not worsen the existing situation.

There are several varieties of repair work:

  1. Adjusting the frame eliminates slight bevels. Adjustment occurs by tightening the lower and upper loops with a hexagon.
  2. Vertical adjustment of the structure. This type of work is carried out using a hexagon, through which the lower hinged loop is calibrated.
  3. Adjustment of a clip of loops of plastic windows mainly performed when purging is observed. The adjustment takes place by adjusting the eccentrics located around the perimeter.

If you don’t want to do all these work yourself, use the service adjustment of plastic windows, Kiev prices on these works offers affordable. A professional craftsman will quickly identify the breakdown and cause, and fix it in just a few minutes.

The company’s specialists know how to conduct adjustment of the opening of plastic windows, as well as other types of work. In their arsenal there are all the necessary tools, which allows you to perform high-quality services.

There are questions or you want to order a service, call! Our managers will be happy to give an answer to your points of interest and select the perfect master for you!



Metal-plastic constructions (windows, doors, balcony systems …) are a high-quality product. But despite this fact, nothing happens forever. Even the best design after a long period of time, improper operation or harsh climatic conditions can fail. One of the main prerogatives of our company is the reanimation (repair) of metal-plastic structures.


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All work begins with a diagnosis, and only after a thorough inspection of the design by the service consultant and your consent, the master, at the appointed time, with the right tool and material starts the work.


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