Blowdown Elimination

Why is it cold from plastic windows

Despite the fact that metal-plastic frames are characterized by high rates of thermal insulation, sooner or later, users notice that the construction begins to winder with cold.

To find out whether this is really so, it is necessary to light a candle and bring it to the place where the sash comes in contact with the window frame. In the event that the flame begins to fluctuate strongly, then it is necessary to perform elimination of blowing in the window.

To accurately verify the need for such a procedure, we recommend that you walk around the entire frame with a burning candle. So you can identify problem areas and quickly eliminate the defect.

Typically, a draft is caused by improper installation of the window structure. In the event that the installation of the frame was done not so long ago, we recommend that you contact the company that performed the installation work.

Also, the reasons for the appearance of drafts can be incorrect adjustment of fittings and low-quality components.

To complete blowdown elimination First of all, it is necessary to determine the source of the problem. It is not always possible to do this on their own, so it is better to call the window repair wizard.

The window service specialist will immediately identify the source of the problem and execute elimination of drafts from the window quickly and efficiently.