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Lubricating plastic windows: reasons and rules

Metal-plastic frames today are very popular among consumers. Such designs are not whimsical to care for, they provide a high level of heat and noise insulation, they do not need to be painted every year and insulated before the onset of cold weather.

Despite such an extensive list of benefits, the frames still lose their excellent performance over time. To delay this moment, it is necessary to carefully monitor the structures, to carry out the replacement and adjustment of parts on time. Must also be done in a timely manner cleaning and lubricating hardware. This procedure does not take much time and, subject to the availability of all necessary tools, can be performed without involving a wizard.


Why lubricate frame parts

Any mechanism during long-term operation is clogged, plastic frames are no exception. Especially, the frames of houses located in large cities, where the level of dirt and dust are above normal, are subject to high pollution.

All these grains settle on parts and lubricants, complicating the operation of the mechanisms. In addition, dirty lubricant mixtures, instead of a positive effect, have the exact opposite effect – they accelerate wear and damage to parts. To prevent this, it must be done on time. cleaning and lubrication of window fittings.

If these procedures are not performed, a characteristic clicking sound may appear, up to a rattle and creak. Such a sound signals that the lubrication of plastic windows should be urgently performed, because metal parts of the structure rub against each other, which in the end will lead to abrasion of the metal and a violation of the tightness of the fit of the wings to the frame. As a result, small openings are formed through which cold air and noise will enter the room.

In addition, if the time was not fulfilled cleaning and lubrication of plastic windows, one of the elements of the mechanism may fail at all. And if the windows were installed 5-6 years ago, then the production of spare parts could already be completed and as a result, the whole mechanism would have to be changed, which would cost much more.


How often do frame parts need to be machined

Lubrication of plastic window fittings should be carried out 1-3 times a year. The frequency depends on the features of the use of metal-plastic structures. So, if initially expensive good mixtures were used for processing, and the house itself is located away from the highway, once every 12 months is enough. But if the apartment is located near the highway, it is better to perform the procedure 2-3 times a year.

Hardware Processing Process

To process parts, any lubricant, such as machine oil, or silicone-based mixtures can be used. Special fluids designed specifically for such purposes are also suitable.

The hardware of plastic windows is being cleaned, the price of such a service is not high, in several stages:

  1. First, a window opens and all moving parts of the mechanism are carefully checked.
  2. Use a dry cloth to remove all dirt. Also for such purposes, you can use a brush or sponge.
  3. All moving parts of the structure are abundantly treated with the mixture: brackets, bolts, latches, etc.

Please note: do not use vegetable or butter, petroleum jelly for lubrication. So you can spoil the entire movable mechanism of the frame.

If you do not want to do the processing of parts yourself, contact us. Window repair masters will quickly do all the work, providing your windows with a long period of operation.

You can order a window service by phone or through the feedback form on the site. If you have questions, you can contact our consultants for help.


Reinforced-plastic structures (windows, doors, balcony systems …) are a high quality product. Despite this fact, nothing lasts forever. Even the best design can fail after a long period of time, poor operation or harsh climatic conditions. One of the main prerogatives of our company is the resuscitation (repair) of metal-plastic structures.


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All work begins with diagnostics, and only after a thorough check of the design of the service consultant and your consent, the master at the appointed time with the right tool and material begins to work.


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