Hardware Repair

Breakage and replacement of plastic window components

During the operation of the plastic frame, various defects can occur, the most common – the formation of gaps, jamming of the handle, problems with valves.

In fact, when problems arise with plastic windows, you do not need to immediately change accessories, you must first make adjustments. If, after this, a deterioration in the performance of the frame is observed, repair of accessories for plastic windows.

You can replace parts yourself; this process is quite simple and does not take much time. But, if you do not have the necessary building skills or time, fiddling with the details, it is better to call an experienced craftsman who in a few minutes will determine the breakdown and fix it without damaging the metal-plastic frame.


Parts selection

To produce window hardware repair, it is necessary to select interchangeable elements first. For such purposes, it is better to use parts of well-known brands, for example, Proflex, Maco, Roto, Stublina.

It is imperative to select replaceable elements identical to the old ones. Pay attention to the maximum load indicator, if you do not take this criterion into account when buying accessories, you can worsen the situation and break the entire structure.

You can only find out the brand and features of the part with a thorough inspection. The removable element must be specially marked. In the event that there are no inscriptions on the part, you just need to remove it and pick up a similar one in the store.


Features of replacement parts

Before you start hardware repair, you need to prepare the tools that may be needed in the process of dismantling and installing new elements. Useful for work:

  • cross and slotted screwdrivers;
  • pliers or platypuses;
  • шестигранники и Г-образные звездочки;
  • silicone and machine grease.

Before proceeding with the replacement of an element, it is necessary to determine the cause of the breakdown in order to subsequently prevent a similar situation. So, if the handle is damaged, it must be replaced immediately. And if it is stuck, it is necessary to lubricate, clean and adjust it first. If even after this the element does not work, it should be replaced.

In that case, if the window has flown off the hinges or cold air is coming from the hinges, you need the help of a professional craftsman. Since this occurs in case of improper installation of the frame, poorly adjusted leaves, failure of components or, if necessary, replacing the seal.

If the profile is deformed, you may need repair window fittings. However, there can be several reasons for such a breakdown, and only the master can establish the true cause of the breakdown.

In cases where the metal-plastic frame passes cold air, it is urgent to produce repair of plastic window fittings. Of course, other breakdowns can also be the causes of this phenomenon, but nevertheless, the draft most often arises due to the loose fit of the wings.

If you yourself are not ready to replace components, we recommend ordering a service repair of plastic window fittings. The master will be able to identify the true cause of the breakdown and eliminate it without damaging the structure itself.

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