Glass unit replacement

Plastic windows: cause of breakdown and repair

Recently, the service has become increasingly popular replacement of a double-glazed window. When the window begins to fog, ice forms on it, and inside the condensate is the first sign that it is time to change the metal-plastic construction.

Since dismantling the entire window is expensive, repair of double-glazed windows in plastic windows will save significantly.

Many people think that replacing one or two glasses is more profitable, but this is a big mistake. The shiny plates of the window contain silica gel – a powder designed to dry air. When the window structure is depressurized, moisture gets inside the plates, which negatively affects the characteristics of silica gel.

Subsequently, moisture begins to appear on the glass or yellow resin – silica gel – begins to flow down the window. Therefore, it is better to immediately abandon such an undertaking and replace the window structure.


Features of dismantling metal-plastic construction

Replacing cracked glass in a double-glazed window can be carried out independently or by a master. Before dismantling, measurements must be taken. You should be very careful, because one small difference in the parameters will be expensive.

Replacing a glass unit with an energy-saving one takes place in several stages:

  1. Dismantling of the old design – for this it is necessary to remove the glazing beads that hold the double-glazed window.
  2. Pasting the frame with masking tape. These works are carried out in order to prevent damage to the entire frame. Pull the glazing bead very carefully along the entire length of the structure. For this, it is first necessary to mark the components so that subsequently they will not get confused when the elements are installed in their original place. Improperly standing glazing beads can spoil the appearance of the structure, so you need to be careful.
  3. Dismantling the glass. In fact, the structure is easily removed – just press on the glass from the other side of the window. In the event that the window structure is large, it is better to involve several people in the performance of the work.
  4. Installation of a new design. It is necessary to install the structure with a gap of 2-3mm. If this condition is not met, subsequently there may be problems with installation and operation – the window will tightly fit into the frame, and due to temperature jumps, the glass may burst.

In fact, this procedure is not complicated, the main thing is to be careful and not rush. If you do not have experience in carrying out such work or if you are afraid that you might damage the window structure, it is better to contact a specialist window service for help.


Benefits of working with a window repair master

An experienced specialist will carry out all the necessary measurements and tell you which design is best to purchase. There are no problems with installing a new window. The craftsmen who work with us know how it should be replacement of a double-glazed window in Kiev.

Find out which service glass unit replacement price, can be without leaving home. Through the callback form, you can make an order for window service, and our managers will contact you as soon as the request arrives to us.



Reinforced-plastic structures (windows, doors, balcony systems …) are a high quality product. Despite this fact, nothing lasts forever. Even the best design can fail after a long period of time, poor operation or harsh climatic conditions. One of the main prerogatives of our company is the resuscitation (repair) of metal-plastic structures.


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All work begins with diagnostics, and only after a thorough check of the design of the service consultant and your consent, the master at the appointed time with the right tool and material begins to work.


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