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Ilbosko is one of the few companies providing services in the field of servicing metal-plastic structures in Ukraine.

Today there are a lot of companies producing metal-plastic constructions, but there are much fewer service centers providing quality and professional service for your windows.


“Nothing lasts forever”, but thanks to our craftsmen and the materials that we use when servicing, they will not only extend the life of your windows, but also provide a number of advantages:

  • improved sound insulation of the structure;
  • increase thermal insulation performance of the structure;
  • high-quality fittings;
  • improving the energy efficiency of your premises.

All of this will provide comfort.

With us you will feel more comfortable and warmer.



Metal-plastic constructions (windows, doors, balcony systems …) are a high-quality product. But despite this fact, nothing happens forever. Even the best design after a long period of time, improper operation or harsh climatic conditions can fail. One of the main prerogatives of our company is the reanimation (repair) of metal-plastic structures.


Work and Services

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All work begins with a diagnosis, and only after a thorough inspection of the design by the service consultant and your consent, the master, at the appointed time, with the right tool and material starts the work.


We produce

  • Window systems production;
  • Door production;
  • Design of balcony systems;
  • Window hardware manufacturing;
  • Production of mosquito nets;
  • Supply and ventilation valves;
  • Window sills from famous brands;
  • Production of metal components (visor, low tide ….) of any shape;
  • Anti-burglary systems, systems for protection against small children;
  • Handles;
  • Blinds – vertical, horizontal, day-night, roll, Roman, wooden.

Our company LLC Ilbosko will not only provide you with quality after-sales service, but will also be able to install a new metal-plastic construction of any complexity, taking into account any wishes. And also provide a full range of components and supplies.


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Own production

Our company LLC Ilbosko will not only provide you with quality after-sales service, but will also be able to install a new metal-plastic construction of any complexity, taking into account any wishes. And also provide a full range of components and supplies:

hardware 2

Window systems production;
Door production;
Design of balcony systems;
Window hardware manufacturing;
Production of mosquito nets;
Supply and ventilation valves;
Window sills from famous brands;
Production of metal components (visor, low tide ….) of any shape;
Anti-burglary systems, systems for protection against small children;
Blinds – vertical, horizontal, day-night, roll, Roman, wooden.
Window systems and technologies are the main activity of our company.

Profile Double-glazed window Hardware Windowsill Jalousie Mosquito nets Vent valve


In the manufacture of metal-plastic constructions, the first thing you should pay attention to is the PVC profile, from which the product will be directly made. What should one pay attention to when choosing a profile system? The first is, of course, the manufacturing company.

This will affect the quality of the structure, its cost and appearance. Our company cooperates with such brands as:

  • KBE (Germany / Ukraine)
  • VEKA (Germany / Ukraine)
  • REHAU (Germany / Ukraine)
  • Salamander (Germany / Ukraine)
  • OPEN TECK (Ukraine)

The technical points are also important:

  • the width of the profile system and the number of air chambers will determine the design’s energy efficiency class;
  • reinforcement with a special metal profile will provide structural rigidity.

The quality of the profile system depends not only on the length of the life of the structure as a whole, but on the health and mood of your family.

Double-glazed window

Double-glazed window – one of the most important parts of the metal-plastic construction. Since the degree of energy efficiency and the coefficient of noise insulation properties of the structure as a whole depend on this product. Double-glazed windows are different – noise-proof, energy-saving, shock-resistant, sun-protection.


First, what you should pay attention to is the number of cameras (glasses). A double-glazed window can be single-chamber, two or more. The chamber can be filled with both dried air and special gas (argon). All this affects the properties and price of the structure. Given the climatic zone of our state, it is recommended to install two-chamber and more double-glazed windows.

Second – this is of course the kind of glass used in the product. We single out the main ones:


Energy saving. These glasses are coated with a special coating, which provides a reflective effect for ultraviolet radiation, while not reducing the degree of penetration of light rays. In winter, this type of glazing provides better heat efficiency of the room from the inside, thereby preventing the effect of fogging of glass. It should be noted that this particular type of glazing is most often used when installing a metal-plastic structure in a residential building.


Hardened. This type of glass externally does not differ from ordinary, but at the same time it has increased mechanical and thermal strength. This type of glazing is used in rooms with high safety requirements.


Triplex. Glass consisting of several layers, one of which is a polymer film. Typically, this type of glass is used in special purpose buildings (banks, etc.)


Tined glass. Glass on which a layer of sun-protection film with a different degree of dimming and color gamut is applied.


Our company can always cater to any of your wishes when choosing this product.


What is the hardware and how to decide on its choice.

Hardware is not just a set of parts, it is the central mechanism of construction.

Like all window components, the fittings are different and from different manufacturers.

Of course, you need to pay attention to accessories from well-known brands, namely:

  • MACO (Mayer & Co Beschläge GmbH) is a manufacturer of window and door hardware with a head office located in Salzburg, Austria. The history of the company dates back to 1947. Representative offices of the company are located in more than 12 countries. The company produces durable and reliable components, which is confirmed by a 10-year warranty.
  • SIEGENIA (SIEGENIA GRUPPE) – one of the oldest and most experienced companies for the manufacture of hardware in general, the country is Germany. The decision to manufacture window fittings was made by Adolf Frank in 1937, but it was in 1945 that Gerhard Frank (son) turns the family-owned enterprise into a leading manufacturer of window fittings of international level.
  • Winkhaus is a company founded in 1854. It has deep experience in the manufacture of window fittings. Country: Germany.

It is possible to list all representatives of this direction for a long time. Our company only cooperates with industry leaders.

What else besides hardware manufacturers should I pay attention to? Fittings are:

  • Swivel fittings, vertical suspension;
  • Swing-out fittings, vertical suspension;
  • Burglar resistant hardware;
  • Mid-suspended, horizontal suspension;

Swivel and tilt-and-turn fittings, these types are most often used in residential premises, and in the production of these accessories, the function of micro-ventilation (winter ventilation) is often added.

The durability of the design and the safety of the client depend on the quality of the fittings!


A window sill is a detail of the lower part of the inner frame of a window opening: a board, profile, or plate, laid at the level of the support profile of the window structure and made of wood, PVC, stone, etc.

Indeed, the windowsill can be made of various materials, not only from the usual PVC. Today, a huge selection of these products, but what about this situation? It all depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the desires of the client, and his financial capabilities.

The company “ILBOSCO” cooperates with many manufacturers and distinguishes the following:

  • Open Teck is a Ukrainian company manufacturing PVC window sills and metal-plastic constructions. Over 7 years of experience has made the company a leader in the standard segment.
  • DANKE is a Ukrainian company, the plant is located in the south of the country, in the southern palmyra – the city of Odessa. The DANKE company manufactures its products on high-precision German equipment and uses high-strength coating – ELESGO (Germany). Warranty from the manufacturer 10 years. The DANKE product belongs to the premium class segment
  • Plastolit is a Ukrainian company. A company that produces a premium product. As well as the company “DANKE” uses a protective coating ELESGO (Germany). One of the differences of this product is a modern semicircular kapinos.

A window sill is not only an integral part of a window, but also an important decorative element of your interior.


On sunny days, it is not uncommon for us to want to hide from bright rays, sometimes just from prying eyes. And in this, of course, well-known blinds help us.

Blinds – a device that has appeared long ago and is in great demand among people. To date, the diversity of this product is multifaceted. Blinds include:

  • Horizontal blinds are a design of plates located and connected among themselves horizontally. The first blinds were exactly horizontal. Plates can be made of various materials – plastic, aluminum, wood, bamboo. The color scheme is diverse – from simple rainbow colors to custom photo printing.

Horizontal blinds are the most common type of blinds and the most traditional; this type will complement your interior equally well at home or in the office.

  • Vertical blinds – a view no less relevant today. A good alternative to curtains and curtains. Their application is diverse. At home, they can be used not only for protection from sunlight, but also as a closing element of open cabinets, niches and racks. And can also act as partitions. With the help of vertical blinds, they create the decoration of windows in cottages and in offices. They are very practical. Like horizontal, vertical blinds have a large selection of colors and textures.
  • Roller blinds are a modern alternative to classical curtains and blinds. These “curtains” are able to create a special cosiness in your home, thanks not only to a wide range of colors or textures, but also to your mounting system. Depending on the sun-protection properties of the fabric, you can choose the necessary degree of dimming of the room.

In the modern world, blinds have become an integral part of not only the window, but also your interior.

Mosquito nets

Today in the modern world, a metal-plastic construction is increasingly replacing a wooden one. One of the integral parts of a PVC window is a mosquito net.

Mosquito net – the most optimal way to deal with harmful insects. But not only, since in the autumn the mosquito net protects from leaf fall, and in the summer from poplar fluff, allowing the windows to be kept open. The choice of mosquito nets is not small, we highlight the most common ones:

  • Frame mosquito nets are the most common type. There are internal and external structures. Their difference is the type of installation. External fasten outside and slightly protrude, internal practically do not change the aesthetic appearance, are mounted in a window opening, opening the sash. The frame is made of aluminum. Such structures are easy to remove, which is convenient for washing and storage.
  • Roll-up mosquito net – a structure installed externally and permanently.

In the manufacture of mosquito nets, it is imperative to adhere to the correct dimensions and installation conditions. It is not always possible to install an external model, since after warming the walls of the house, the slopes do not allow this to be done.

Vent valve

With the advent of plastic windows, we got rid of excess street noise, improved the energy efficiency of our premises. But unfortunately we encountered a number of unpleasant moments, such as fungus, mold, the effect of “crying windows”. One of the main causes of these problems is a faulty ventilation system. Unlike wooden windows, PVC windows are more airtight, which minimizes the effect of “natural drafts”, which makes it difficult to remove excess moisture from the room. To solve this problem, it is enough to restore the air flow into the room, namely, to install the supply and ventilation valve (window vent).

So, a window ventilator or a supply and ventilation valve. How it works?

The supply and ventilation valve is a device that is mounted in the window structure, in its upper part, and allows air to enter the room from the outside. Of course you can say – “Why airing, is there a micro-ventilation function?” – Yes, but let’s compare what we get in one case or another.

When using the micro-ventilation function:

  • The appearance of drafts;
  • Sudden changes in temperature and humidity, especially in winter;
  • Penetration of street noise and insects;
  • There is a possibility of hacking.

When using supply and ventilation valves:

  • Fresh air intake when the window is closed;
  • Air mixes from top to bottom, which allows you to get rid of drafts;
  • No street noise and insects;
  • The ability to regulate the incoming air flow.

This device will provide not only comfort and coziness in the house, but will worry about the safety and health of your family.


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